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Grassland orchards have shaped our cultural landscape for centuries. They contain a treasure trove of indigenous fruit varieties and species. They are precious green oases of genetic, species and ecosystem diversity, and they are the carriers of the aesthetic value of our cultural landscapes.

In Prlekija and Prekmurje, there are also many beautifully landscaped grassland orchards, in some cases tended by the third or fourth generation of owners. Many orchards, however, disappeared forever with the fall of the last tree. We want to preserve them. Different paths, approaches, and thinking are possible. But we can only successfully navigate them together.

We are delighted to have the opportunity, together with our partners, to establish an orchard-to-customer system in the operational project "Mitigating climate change in agriculture through social innovation", co-financed by the EAFRD. HUDO DOBRO apple slices are our first journey from the orchard to the table. Slices followed by apple puree and the innovative FRUUUŠ FRUIT STRIPS.  Together, we can restore the value of this beautiful fruit and contribute to the preservation of extensive grassland orchards.

The HUDO DOBRO brand aims to achieve the widest possible social impact through production. It involves people with disabilities and people who are less able to work, who are actively involved in the whole process, from harvesting to production and packaging. Grassland orchards can also create new jobs.

Our apple products are given their special aromas and varied flavours by old indigenous apple varieties such as Bobovec, Kanadka, Carjevič, Krivopecelj, Štajerski pogačar, Mošancelj, Jonathan, King of the Pippins, which are harvested in traditional grassland orchards. Flavours range from fruity sweet to sweet-sour and fresh sour, giving a rich flavour experience. Apples contain vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and folic acid, and are rich in potassium, iron and zinc and provide 10% of the daily fibre requirement. In addition to their many beneficial effects, apples regulate digestion and stabilise intestinal flora, thus strengthening the immune system, dissolving uric acid and lowering cholesterol levels in the body.

All HUDO DOBRO grassland apple products are natural, sulphur- and preservative-free.

Klaus Požgan

Kontakt: JEDRO – zavod za razvoj socialne ekonomije, Ljutomer, so. p., e-mail:

SKUPINA HUDO DOBRO – employment centre

What is an employment centre?

The regulations stipulate that an employment centre is a legal entity of special significance established to provide sheltered employment for persons with disabilities who, due to their disability, achieve between 30% and 70% of the expected work results and who have been issued a decision by the Employment Service of the Republic of Slovenia that they are employable only in sheltered employment.

Obtaining employment centre status

TRS Renkovci was established in 2020 and renamed SKUPINA HUDO DOBRO when it became an employment centre in 2022. Since its inception, people with disabilities have been involved in the work process, co-creating the culinary products of the HUDO DOBRO brand and, from 2022, the story of the Hiša gibanice (House of Gibanica) with the help of professional staff or mentors.

The HUDO DOBRO brand closely links SKUPINA HUDO DOBRO, BM Ljutomer Employment Centre, and the social enterprise JEDRO Ljutomer, whose activity is based on providing sheltered jobs for people with disabilities in the Pomurje region.

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