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The HUDO DOBRO brand (meaning ‘really good’ in Slovene) is a line of unique food products created with a commitment to local sourcing, handicraft, and respect for the work of people with disabilities.

SKUPINA HUDO DOBRO (employment centre), the BM Employment Centre and JEDRO Ljutomer social enterprise have joined forces to create top-quality culinary products under the HUDO DOBRO brand, proving that we are responsible towards society and the environment in which we work.

We like to use the label HUDO to describe things or actions that are good, a little different, unexpected, and daring. HUDO is a reaction to something that surprises us in a good way. This is what our products are like. Local, natural, handmade, and made in collaboration with underprivileged groups, but at the same time, and for that very reason, unique, original, and simply good.


It is our Prlekija and Prekmurje roots that dictate our story and the story of our products. Flour from the Prekmurje plain, milled at the miller's millstone, an apple from a grassland orchard in Prlekija, currants from our own plantation and pumpkin from the home-grown field. We bring the best of nature to the table, to our homes. This approach ensures traceability of the origin of all raw materials used and the highest level of quality.


Grassland orchards have shaped our cultural landscape for centuries. They contain a treasure trove of indigenous fruit varieties and species that give our products a rich flavour experience. These old orchards are precious green oases of genetic, species and ecosystem diversity, and are aesthetic assets of our cultural landscape.

Apple has many beneficial effects and contains vitamins, folic acid, iron, zinc, and lots of fibre. We are delighted to be working with our partners to build the 'orchard to customer' journey, bringing value back to this beautiful fruit and helping to preserve extensive grassland fruit gardens with products such as apple slices, fruit strips and apple purée.


The best things are created by hand, slowly, and with a feeling. And because everyone deserves the chance to work, regardless of their limitations, we include people with disabilities in the production of our products as much as possible. With a love for handicrafts, together we create HUDO DOBRO products and contribute to the inclusion and satisfaction of the underprivileged.

SKUPINA HUDO DOBRO and the BM Ljutomer Employment Centre for People with Disabilities have the status of an employment centre for people with disabilities, whose purpose is to provide jobs for people with disabilities in sheltered employment.

Our mission is to create new jobs for people with disabilities in the local area who find it difficult to find employment in the mainstream working environment.

Together with them we create a STORY of HUDO DOBRO.


Once you've had a taste of the pure flavours of our products, they are not easy to forget. They will also please you because they are vegan, simple in ingredients, natural, yet full of flavour.


We always strive for quality in everything we do. We also offer organic products alongside top-quality products made with the best local ingredients. Indulge in the eco-sweet and sour apple strips and the crunchy eco sourdough bread stick.

HUDO-DOBRO 2024. Vse pravice pridržane.
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